Ludhiana Throw

Dark Navy

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Named after the city where they were produced in Northern India, our new range of knitted throw rugs are made from 95% fine cotton + 5% cashmere, sourced from Maharashtra in Central India.

The cable knit detail and ribbed edges give this stunning throw a snuggly jumper like quality, so you can wrap yourself in warmth and comfort no matter what the season.

Each throw comes in its own knitted button up pocket, making it an ideal gift for a special someone.

Originally sent as a Christmas gift from our factory owners after a tough 2020, this thoughtfully designed unique throw evolved into Sassind's first foray into homewares. We are, after all, for the Daydreamer, the traveler, and the Home Body.

Size: 200cm X 140cm

Available in five shades: Dark Navy, Petal, Stone, Mustard, and Ivy.



We met our apparel agent in India, Sanjay, during one of our visits to Delhi or more specifically on a bus to Jodhpur after our flight was cancelled. In 'normal' times we would visit his facilities in Delhi up to six times a year and we've forged an excellent and trusted relationship. It is for that reason that this year, we have created our summer collection remotely, and have relied solely on Sanjay and his team to work in the factories to develop, oversee production, and conduct final quality inspections. Sanjay's factories are all state of the art, and his staff’s attention to detail in everything they do is excellent. They share and understand our ethos of quality and comfort, and have encouraged our journey every step of the way. 

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