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the sassind ethos + our suppliers


Like most businesses, sassind was started because of a need.


A need for classic, comfortable travel wear made from luxurious fabrics. Collections that can be worn throughout the year in simple shapes in fabrics that will stand the test of time. But we also needed the label to be true to a core ethos that was close to our hearts, and as we have slowly grown, this ethos is still paramount to our business.


Fast fashion brands are a dime a dozen. You can walk into a showroom locally or overseas and see the same styles, the same palette and be bombarded with on-trend pieces, but that is not sassind. Nor will it ever be. By using offshore suppliers, you can take many paths, but we knew our only route was a fair and sustainable one. We travelled for months searching for the right suppliers, suppliers that could prove their businesses and ethos aligned with ours. That their beliefs of how they run their business, treat their workers and source their fabrics were of the fairest, most ethical means available to them. We looked for suppliers who got us, who knew what our plans were and were excited. Our suppliers believe in us, and our aim to bridge the gap between luxurious and affordable. Developing this type of relationship with our makers took years, and yes, we have had plenty of hurdles, but our ethos has never swayed, and our focus remains the same.


The need for a slower, more sustainable fashion model is becoming more and more evident. In a time where climate control is at the forefront, we want our label to make the right decisions knowing our impact on future generations matters. If we can save one customer from fast fashion by dressing them a garment that will last beyond the first five washes, then we have made a small step. Slowly these small steps will build momentum; slowly, we will be able to share what we have learnt, in turn offering you the chance at building an ethically sourced, sustainable wardrobe made of natural fibres.


Yes, we may not be priced like every other label. But we know who made our pieces, we know where our fabrics are sourced, and we know that our pieces will last you for years and years. We know that sassind will always maintain a close working relationship with all of our makers, bringing you the very best we can, it's our promise to you. Because we all deserve to wear the best we can, made by the best we can find.