Hand Knitted Alpaca Partners

we were introduced to lorena by a longtime family friend, and feel incredibly proud that she agreed to work on our first collaborative collection.

lorena laing was born in chile and with her family, immigrated in melbourne in 1986, when she was 11 years old. she grew up wearing alpaca wool, but back then it was available as a very typical artisan look, limited to ponchos and frumpy, heavy, sweaters; strictly worn by her family for campling expeditions.

having grown up with alpaca wool readily available around her, she always understood it's potential. her love an passion for natural fibres drew her to this incredible fibre. she is passionate about natural fibres and their natural properties. alpaca fibre offers both luxury and practicality, ticking all the boxes when it comes to looking for a premium product in the winter months. alpaca wool's thermal properties are true to it's promise. with this in mind lorena has developed and designed open knit structures to allow for good air flow and therefore becoming a more versatile piece to wear, both inside and out.

the organic shapes lorena has made for sassind are less structured than your average knits allowing the natural drape of the yarn to take over and shine, but not only that, her silhouettes are designed to complement women of all shapes and sizes, a shared philosophy we have with everything we do at sassind.