our story

Who we are

After years of living abroad, we are realising our dream of bringing luxury to the masses. We travelled and worked in luxury hotels for more than 15 years, adapting to our ever-changing surroundings and absorbing all that a traveller's life has to offer. In a constant state of wanderlust, we find ourselves hunting for the most perfect, versatile casual wear to make travelling the most comfortable experience possible. With the desire to make our mark, sassind was born.


What we do

Designed in Melbourne, sourced ethically and responsibly from all over the world, our collections are made with cashmere, merino, silk, linen and the finest of cotton. We have forged connections with our makers to ensure that quality is never compromised, that their workplaces are fair and that their love for what they do is the heart of their business. With a commitment to being responsible, honest and forward thinking, we know that our range is the best it can be. our silhouettes are designed to flatter all body shapes, taking luxury to a new level.


Why we do what we do

We want everyone to experience luxurious comfort. We are for the daydreamers, the travellers and the homebodies. Our products are diverse and ageless. Our ranges are made with you in mind; we work tirelessly to create the perfect shape, the perfect fit in the most perfect fabrics. Our style is universal, no matter what your size and shape we guarantee you will be wrapped in style, comfort and luxury.