Travels through Porto with artist Paula Mills

Travels through Porto with artist Paula Mills

November 20, 2018

Paula Mills is a local artist who has created artwork for VIP customer gifting.You can discover more of Paula's artwork at www.paulamills.comyou can also follow her @paulamillsart on Instagram and Facebook.

We know a little travel story is all one needs before their feet start to itch and the need to travel overcomes us. So when one of our past collaborators travels we know a story needs to be shared. South African born, Melbourne based artist Paula Mills shares her recent journey through the amazing town of Porto, Portugal.

Destination: Porto

As a family, we decided to do the Camino de Santiago walk. There are many routes one can take to get to Santiago in Spain and we discovered one starting in Portugal, called the Portuguese Coastal Camino which sounded fantastic! Lucky for us the starting point for the 240km hike was just outside the amazing city of Porto! We were thrilled to be starting out walking adventure in such a beautiful and intriguing city. 

A little love affair with Blue + White...

My Grandmother who was a bit of a magpie, she loved rummaging through junk shops and looking for treasure. I was often with her as a young child at car boot sales and flea markets, turning teacups over and I soon learned to spot the good crockery which was often the classic blue and white delftware and chinoiserie. This is where my obsession with blue and white pottery started and when we started renovating our Edwardian home in Melbourne it seemed natural to want to cover the old splashback in the kitchen in beautiful vintage blue and white tiles and so my tile collecting began…I have a way to go, it is a large splashback. When we arrived in Porto I thought I had died and gone to blue and white tile heaven - just wonderful! (I did manage to find a beautiful hand-painted tileset of The Madonna to fit into my suitcase)

An artist always keeps a travel journal

 My travel journal is more of a sketchbook than a journal - I like to be able to do a sketch or a quick watercolour study when I am feeling inspired on my travels. I also collect little mementos such as bus tickets, dried flowers and flyers form where we have been and stick them into my journal to spark a memory. It is wonderful to flip through it all when I am back home and feel inspired all over again.

As an immigrant, travelling is in my blood...

I get so much, personally and spiritually from travel. It is just so interesting to see what other humans do, how they live, where they live, who they live with etc. I find learning about cultures and customs fascinating but I am always amazed at how much we have in common and how much we have that connects us as humans anywhere in this big fascinating world!  Travel, therefore, for me, is thrilling and comforting at the same time. 



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