Tiny Luxuries With Shacky

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Travelling is a must whether it be a two-hour drive from home or a ten-hour flight overseas. Turning off your phone and hitting pause on the latest Netflix series is something we all need to do from time to time, and grabbing a little off-grid luxury was just what the doctor ordered.

I planned to find a log cabin in the middle of nowhere. And after one quick internet search, what I found was a sustainable tiny house, made from local woods, serving up a locally sourced meal in the middle of a functioning olive grove called 'Shacky'. Fresh air, fresh sheets and everything I could need all in five metres squared, my shacky experience is one everyone needs to try out.

Combining the cool of a tiny house (yep, don’t pretend you’ve never watched the show) and the comfort of a contemporary hotel room, shacky.co has created a truly unique travel experience. In such a small space it is impressive that they could comfortably fit a queen sized bed, tiny but totally perfect kitchenette and the best shower I have had in a long time.

 For a new business and one that is expanding, shacky is such a genius idea and one that needs to be experienced. At the moment one location is available - a functioning olive grove in the victorian hinterland, under two hours outside of Melbourne CBD. Full with lush greenery, surrounded by mountains and goats, you really are able to sit in the middle of nature in what shacky describes as ‘non invasive tourism’.

Our hosts give us a five minute run down of the goings on of the tiny house and then, off, never to be seen again. Leaving you to cook your own dinner on the super cute pot belly fire, sit under the stars and shower in the open air amongst the groves, all before you fall asleep in what has got to be the cutest space I have seen in a long time.

More Shacky locations are opening up in early 2018, and if you have some land with killer views and are keen to make a little pocket money - this could be the perfect side project for you. Urging their guests to switch off and embrace the environment, the locations are all just a few hours from Melbourne, and if the pilot tiny house at the olive grove is anything to go by, I am booking myself into every one of them.



For more information go to shacky.co

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