The Story Of The Sari Slide

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We always love traveling to the vibrant city of Jaipur in Rajasthan, India. 

A trip earlier this year inspired us to create a shoe which fully captured the lively colors and textures so often seen in Indian culture. The sari slide has been a labor of love. Working together with our trusted shoe makers, husband and wife team, Richa and Ratnesh, we have come up with this exciting limited edition capsule.

Each shoe has been handcrafted from original vintage sari borders selected personally by us from a reputed wholesaler in the back streets of Jaipur. This particular wholesaler is alleged to be regularly visited by high-ends Global fashion houses such as Dolce & Gabanna, Ralph Lauren, and Hermes. We were fortunate to be in the right company at the right time to be let in on its secret location....and it took more than just a little talking to be allowed up to their 3rd-floor treasure trove of Indian vintage treasures. Room after room housed all forms of vintage fabrics. We were spoilt for choice.

It is impossible not to be drawn to the colors and textures that Jaipur has to offer. After viewing thousands of vintage sari borders, we settled on our summer palette - a combination of pinks and corals, blacks and of course; subtle blues and greens. Working hand in hand with our product developer, Cate, we created the sari slide.

After months of testing, receiving samples that had been made by hand, we settled on the slide. What makes its unique? For a simple slide, it is quite unusual to have a leather sole and leather lining; our quality is second to none and having a comfortable shoe on is one of life's necessities. We also added a leather toe piece between the big toe and second toe for added comfort and to stop your foot pushing forward.

Ratnesh & Richa are our trusted suppliers in Delhi. They run a small factory by Indian standards, with all of their shoes being hand-made by skilled and experienced shoemakers. Ratnesh studied shoe design in Delhi and then worked for many years throughout Italy and Spain practicing his trade and further developing his skill set.

The sari slide is a limited edition with each pair being unique, making up to 25 in each color because really, a vintage sari can only go so far.

Sair slides are available now, you can find them right here x

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