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the story behind our 'cash wool'  merino

the story behind our 'cash wool' merino

May 20, 2018


With each new season brings a sassind product that we all fall in love with. This season it is our merino collection, coming in two new styles in three new colours. What gives these items the edge is the fabric that they are made from, gorgeous Australian merino that has been spun and dyed in such a fashion that it elevates it to the next level.

Our new fine merino is spun and dyed in Borgosesia, Italy. Most commonly referred to as 'cash wool' because of it's comparative feel to cashmere, cash wool is the market leader in merino yarns - the ‘Rolls Royce’ of merinos.

Being able to use this type of wool for new products has meant a slight increase in price but also means a massive increase in comfort. The gauge is bigger, the wool heavier and the warmth more enveloping. The knitwear collection is soft to touch and flattering to wear, and although heavier it does not add bulk to your body. Making our merino knits a dream to wear.


Who makes our knitwear collection?


Our knitwear-factory is a short train ride from Hong Kong over the Chinese border in Changping, Guangdong province. we visit the facility often and have forged a strong relationship with the owners, father-and-daughter team, Albert & Karen Kwong. Albert is a third-generation knitwear manufacturer and has been in the knitwear apparel industry for over 40 years. Our merino yarn is sourced from Australia - spun and dyed in Italy. It is spun and dyed in Italy in a facility that has been awarded time after time for their particular attention to environmental sustainability throughout all of their production phases.


Shop our Merino Collection


merino chunky cable-knit $229


 merino boxy crew knit jumper $229



merino oversized wraps $199

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