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Travelling is a must for us here at sassind. And what goes hand in hand with the need to explore is the need to be able to explore comfortably. The long commute, the layover & the flight itself can be less taxing if you are dressed for it.

woven cotton maxi dress, $129 : dress it up or down

woven cotton a-line dress, $79 : beach to bar perfection

Soft layers that breathe, lighter fabrics that sit comfortably on your body all add up to a more pleasurable travel experience. This we know as fact, but what about once you get there? A simple collection of outfits is all you need to escape with. Versatile pieces that can be layered and taken from the beach to bar, and back again.

silver leather carry all, $299 : a carry all for your carry on

silver leather babouche slides, $139 : made for traveling in comfort

A fabulous bag to use as your in-flight carry-on that can then convert to your beach bag is just what you need. Minimal fuss, with maximum cool. Slides that slip on and off, letting your tired feet breath between stops, but stylish enough to wear out at nights.

LANDING SOON! woven cotton shawl, $79 : scarf, wrap or sarong - you choose

french navy stripe shift, $59 : perfect for the beach, perfect for bed

A shawl is a sassind travel essential. So versatile that is can be used as a sarong on the beach, a shawl in the sun, or a scarf in the cool. Another essential that we cannot live without is our cotton jersey shift dress. Perfect to throw over bathers for the beach, under a denim jacket for a casual dinner and then straight into bed as a comfy nightie. It couldn't get any better than that.

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