Chyka's Christmas Picks

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There is nothing better than hearing that people love our clothes, especially when they are as stylish and warm as Chyka.  We have enjoyed seeing how she styles the sassind range and she's excited to share with us a few of her sassind favourites for Christmas.

As an avid traveller, Chyka is spending her Christmas in New York (no we are not jealous at all!) and then hitting the heat of the Amazon. Amazing right? So her wardrobe needs to be versatile, comfortable and stylish. That’s where sassind comes in! Warm scarves for cool nights and light cotton for balmy days, we have it all and are so excited be sharing it with Chyka, and of course you.

“ I am so in love with this new pink cotton range from sassind. The colour reminds me of hot summer nights, a refreshing watermelon cocktail or peach icy pole. At this time of year, it’s all about relaxing and wearing clothes that are cool but can be layered with a wrap or scarf so you can stay outside for as long as possible.“

Chyka’s love of pink is no surprise, her entire Christmas theme this year was based on a predominantly pink palette - from the pom pom covered tree to the baked salmon Christmas lunch. If you haven’t checked out her blog - you must, Chyka acts as editor-in-chief and shares practical tips and advice at chyka.com on everything to do with the home, outdoors and food. Since 2015, chyka.com then has grown into a must-visit destination for her loyal fans to learn Chyka’s insights and solutions on how to create a beautiful home life.


" I'm all about supporting our local industry and finding unique pieces that will remain favourites forever "



Merino Wrap $179, available in three shades.

Leather Carry All in Silver $299

Merino / Silk Scarf  $59, available in three shades.

Woven Cotton Oversized Shirt Dress $79, available in three shades.

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