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4 Ways To Style The Oversized Wrap By Karen Uhlmann

4 Ways To Style The Oversized Wrap By Karen Uhlmann

August 12, 2018


Create a stylish smart-casual statement top with Sassind’s wrap scarf 

Cross each end over opposite hips for coverage and tie with a thin belt. Tuck and gather at the front, neckline, back and sides until you are happy with the length and the overall look.

Look 2 : Cape Jacket

Use the wrap scarf as a cape jacket to create an elegant look

Tie the wrap with a thin belt over a t-shirt dress or jeans and a top. Leave it open at the front to create a cape jacket style. Tuck and drape around the sides and back allowing for ample arm movement. Make sure the front panels sit on the inside of each breast to elongate the torso. It’s a great way to layer without creating extra bulk around the tummy or hips.

Look 3 : wrap dress

Go from simple to chic by turning the wrap scarf into an elegant wrap dress

Use a neutral tone or black shift dress to add length and coverage. Bring the triangle section of the scarf to the front and cross both ends over the back. Wrap them around the waist at the front. Bring the back and side sections together and voila you have a stylish wrap dress!

Look 4 : statement maxi dress

Transform your wrap scarf into that perfect grecian dress

Use a long neutral, black or colour shift dress as the under-piece. I have also used a rose pink sheer shift to demonstrate you can also use multiple layers underneath to create some real interest and individuality to the look.

Tie both ends around the neck in a knot or you could use a beautiful brooch or clip to secure the ends. Create a plunging neckline by making the ends longer or a modest one by shortening them. It’s such an easy look to create and to pull off. Add a cuff and or a pair of statement earrings to complete the look.

About Karen

Karen is the creative powerhouse behind sustainable styling. She is a fashion stylist with a strong passion for helping women feel great, look great and do good with conscious fashion choices.

She was mentored by one of Australia's most successful personal stylist, Cindy Newstead (an advocate for self improvement through fashion) so Karen's goals for her clients is much more than outfitting ladies in the latest trends.


“Working with Karen to audit and reinvent my wardrobe was such a valuable experience for me! As a young lawyer on the gold coast, I had been struggling with finding my style and balancing professionalism, fun and comfort after years of wearing suits in a stuffy corporate office. She helped me reinvent many pieces I have had for years and gave me inspiration and focus for a few key items I can buy to inject some freshness into my existing wardrobe. The process was fun, cleansing and now I have a much better idea of what works for me, which makes shopping a breeze now.”

Visit Karen website, Sustainable Styling, to discover all the way she can assist with your style.



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