Listen. Watch. Work. Repeat.

Listen. Watch. Work. Repeat.

April 27, 2020


Hey! I'm Shannon, Sassind's copywriter, content manager and in-house model. I have been freelancing for over 15 years, so, I am no stranger to working from home. Over the years I have noticed things about myself that can either make or break my day. As such, I wanted to share with the Sassind community how I have been tackling life in lockdown. 


Set Up A Workspace

Co-parenting three daughters (16, 13 and 9yrs) who are currently at home remote learning has meant that I have had to relocate my workspace to oversee theirs. But, these small adjustments to my workspace, workload and routine have proven necessary in running the very tight ship that is my life!


Staying Active

Missing my three games of netball a week, I have had to start running up hills in the morning (hideous!) and online Pilates in the afternoon (deceptively painful!) but it is making a big difference to my energy levels and keeping me sane.


Escapism Through Podcasts

As well as exercise, I always turn to podcasts to fill the gap. Here is what has been saving me during this time of isolation, with links if you wanted to check them out.

Whether working, exercising or driving I’m always plugged into a podcast! There are so many genres to choose from with podcasting becoming more accessible every day, but I know what I like and always lean towards true crime.


  • @myfavoritemurder
  • @criminal
  • @themurdersquad
  • @balladofbillyballs
  • @australiantruecrime


    Staying Entertained:

    Unfortunately, my TV habits are like my podcast habits, so when I need a pick me up (and have had enough of crime!) I go for full sitcom cheese. 

    • Bless this Mess - Foxtel
    • Forensic Files - Netflix
    • The Sopranos - Foxtel
    • Shrill - SBS
    • Cold Case Files - Netflix


    Look Good, Work Good

    Feeling dressed and put-together is paramount for starting my day in a good mindset. My daily outfits are a mix and match of basics, and I’m all about comfort and anything that is black!


    French terry cotton jogger in black

    Luxe cotton button-up grandpa top in black

    100% merino wrap in charcoal

    Cotton Jersey tank top in charcoal stripe


      So there you have it, a few things that keep me sane in these crazy times. I hope you enjoyed it!



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