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Cate's Role at Sassind...

Cate's Role at Sassind...

August 14, 2020


I was introduced to Tamara via a friend of a friend not long after graduating from RMIT’s Fashion and Textile Merchandising course. One of the biggest impacts fashion school had on me was opening my mind to the negative effects the industry has environmentally and socially. So, after meeting Tamara and seeing that quality was at the forefront of the label, I was eager to join.



In the beginning my role was to help finalise the launching collection and to set up the social media accounts. As someone who relishes an opportunity to create beautiful visuals I eventually found my groove in creating content for and managing the Instagram account. Back then Instagram was quite different. It wasn’t owned by Facebook, didn’t have shop features and there was no such thing as an Instagram Story. Oh how quickly the marketing space changes!

(Working from home in March 2020.)
(Design Development SS 20/21)



About a year in, I was feeling the urge to return to the mountains of British Columbia where I had previously enjoyed a ski season in my gap year (typical Aussie millennial!). So, with a speech formulated in my head I set off to a meeting with Tamara, ready to convince her that I could still work at Sassind despite the new, and albeit large, time difference. I shouldn’t have worried though as she was excited for me and suggested I stay on in a virtual capacity before I could even ask. Win-win I’d say! 


(Whistler, Canada featuring our Chunky Cableknit $229 *size small sold out.)




If I wasn’t snowboarding or hiking mountains, I was learning new skills on the job. I was able to dive into the world of influencer marketing, discover I had an interest in troubleshooting the back end of Shopify, and I even got to explore online styling by creating informative style guides for our incredible community. I feel truly blessed and honoured to have been given these opportunities, and is why I LOVE working for small businesses.

(Summer in Whistler: Silk Tunic $199, Silk Pants $179 + Luxe Cotton Crew $129.)



Today you will find me creating beautiful newsletters, assisting Tamara in design development, sharing videos of what I wear to Instagram stories, and creating new capsule collections to inspire you. I have thoroughly enjoyed combining my passion for the mountains with my love of sustainable fashion, which is why I’ve decided to pursue this line of work full time. I guess you could say I am ready to wholly embrace that traveller, day dreamer, homebody lifestyle! If you have a business in need of a detail oriented, creative minded, can-do girl, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. You never know, it might turn into an awesome 4-year business relationship just like the one I have with Sassind.


Newsletter Manager/Capsule Collections/Other Projects

IG: @cate_dolling + @the.cate.dolling
FB: Cate Dolling

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